Singapore Greenpreneur Trip

Only 3 slots
The program is the best choice to help “Greenpreneurs” explore and connect with the largest “Green” innovation ecosystem in the region.
The “Singapore Greenpreneur Trip” has been specifically designed to assist Vietnamese businesses in gaining a deeper understanding of Green Innovation and Sustainable Growth. With the support from our partners, we incorporate diverse activities with multinational corporations, investment funds, and government agencies such as AWS, Agfunder, Temasek Foundation, Singtel, Keppel Land, Schneider Electric, Grow, and Asia-Pacific Agri-Food, this trip promises to deliver a great deal of benefits for our Greenpreneur communities.
  1. Opportunities to gain insights from the international market and explore potential business development.
  2. Opportunities to exchange and learn new technology from startups worldwide.
  3. Opportunities to connect with top executives of prominent multinational corporations in the field of ESG.
  4. Opportunities to present to key decision-makers from impactful investment funds.
  5. Exclusive channels to secure green financing sources directly.

Detail of timeline

Time: 01 - 02 November, 2023
Place: Singapore
Contact: Ms. Nguyen