Singapore Greenpreneur Trip

With careful preparation over several months, the “Singapore Greenpreneur Trip” journey took place successfully and was warmly received by its members during the four days from October 31st to November 3rd. The trip provided valuable experiences for the Greenpreneurs.


Organized by the company IBP, BSSC, and strategic partner Amazone Web Service (AWS) Singapore, the journey aimed to assist promising startups, winners of the top-notch startup competitions Startup Wheel 2023 and Green Innovation Fellowship, in exploring and connecting with the largest “Green” innovation ecosystem in the region.

1. Participation in SWITCH 2023 & Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA 2023)

The journey began by attending the SWITCH 2023 technology exhibition. This is a significant international event focusing on promoting innovation in crucial fields such as healthcare, artificial intelligence, energy, and artificial food. Here, members had the opportunity to explore and learn from leading startups worldwide and stay updated on new trends.

Attend the SWITCH 2023 & Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA 2023)

Later in the day, the delegation continued to participate in the Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA 2023), an event focused on agricultural technology. Here, members had the chance to connect with representatives from investment funds Agfunder and Grow, share business ideas, and learn about the investment directions of these funds in the coming time.

2. Company Trip – Visiting Schneider Electric Hub, Singtel, Google Headquarters

On the second day, the delegation visited Schneider Hub, the innovation center of Schneider Electric, and Singtel FIC to meet with investment funds such as Schneider Impact Investing, Temasek Foundation, and Singtel Innov8. At these headquarters, leaders learned about the activities and investment directions of the funds and shared sustainable business ideas pursued by startups.


Additionally, members visited the Google headquarters in Singapore on the final day of the trip. Here, they witnessed Google’s innovation and breakthroughs in optimizing resources and applying technology to address global challenges.

3. Workshop “Starting up the Southeast Asia Green Economy”

The “Starting up the Southeast Asia Green Economy” Workshop can be considered the highlight of the trip. It created a ripple effect of green and sustainable development thinking for Southeast Asia from renowned speakers and leaders in the green economy.


The speech by the Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Mai Phuoc Dung, emphasized the importance of green entrepreneurship in international relations.


Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi, Chairwoman and CEO of IBP, introduced IBP and BSSC, providing an overview of the Vietnamese market and the importance of innovation in the green economy. Through these shares, startups received valuable information and encouragement to develop their business projects.


The Panel with the theme “Starting up the Southeast Asia Green Economy” with the participation of outstanding speakers such as Mr. Calum Handforth, Mr. Felipe Daguila, Mr. Tan Szue Hann, Ms. Thuy Hoang, Mr. Zachary Lee, and led by Mr. Nguyen Tuan. The speakers discussed launching the green economy in the Southeast Asia region. The multidimensional perspectives of the speakers provided a broad overview of how Greenpreneurs can contribute to the green transformation of Southeast Asia.

4. Connecting Businesses with Investment Funds “Impact Investing”

Connecting with investment funds such as Agfunder, GROW, Heritas, Schneider Impact Investing, and Temasek Foundation was a crucial part of the trip. It provided opportunities for direct meetings with fund representatives to understand investment directions in the coming time.

Greenpreneurs discussed their business ideas and received valuable feedback from the funds. These exchanges not only helped startups understand the investment process and expectations of the funds but also created specific opportunities for collaboration and the development of investment business projects.


In conclusion, the Singapore Greenpreneur Trip ended successfully, connecting Greenpreneurs closer to reputable investment funds interested in “Impact Investing.” More importantly, startups witnessed interest and support from investment funds in developing the green and sustainable economy for Southeast Asia. It is believed that these relationships will continue to grow and achieve significant accomplishments in the future.