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WORKSHOP: “Data-informed digital strategies: Lessons from Global Tech-giants”

The seminar “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants” aimed at sharing international experiences and lessons for Vietnamese businesses, was successfully held at Hello World Saigon on the afternoon of June 22nd. The seminar was organized in collaboration between HKU Business School – The University of Hong Kong -香港大學 and IBP, with support from CIO Vietnam, Quickom, and BSSC.

The event consisted of three parts:
Part 1: Speech by HKU representative in Vietnam – Associate Professor Phan Quang Tuan.

Part 2: Keynote speeches by two speakers on the following topics:

  • Keynote 1: “Opportunities in data-driven digital strategies on social media” – Associate Professor Shan Huang, Advisor at Tencent.
  • Keynote 2: “Optimization behind Livestreaming on Cloud” – Professor Yuan Xiaoming, Head of Algorithm Innovation Lab at Huawei Cloud.

Part 3: Panel discussion on the topic: “Digital Strategies in Vietnam – Opportunities & Challenges for businesses” – Professor Xiaoming Yuan, Associate Professor Shan Huang, Associate Professor Phan Quang Tuan, and Mr. Tran Viet Huan with moderation by Ms. An Ha – Co-founder and COO of IBP.

During this session, business leaders, managers, and interested individuals had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of applying “A/B Testing” and “Livestreaming” tools in the digital strategies of global technology giants.

Hội thảo “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants”
Asst. Prof. Shan Huang – Advisor at Tencent.

In the keynote session, Associate Professor Shan Huang presented on the A/B testing tool and the opportunities it brings to digital strategies. She explained the significance and process of conducting A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of different elements in communication campaigns and digital products.

A/B testing is a method that allows businesses to experiment and compare two different versions of an element in a campaign or product. With A/B testing, businesses can measure and assess the impact of changes such as colors, content, images, or website structure on effectiveness and user interaction.

Associate Professor Shan Huang shared the process of conducting A/B testing, which includes selecting the element to be changed, randomly assigning a test group and a control group, implementing the changes, and collecting data. She also emphasized the importance of using data obtained from A/B testing to make informed decisions and improve digital strategies. By applying A/B testing, businesses can gain a better understanding of customer expectations and priorities, enabling them to adjust and optimize their digital strategies to achieve the highest effectiveness and provide the best user experience.

Hội thảo “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants”
Prof. Yuan Xiaoming, Chief Scientist of Huawei Cloud Algorithm Innovation Lab

In the second keynote session, Professor Yuan Xiaoming presented on the optimization process of utilizing Livestreaming. He explained the crucial factors in delivering the best Livestreaming experience. Professor Xiaoming Yuan shared knowledge and experiences in optimizing network infrastructure and algorithms to ensure the highest possible quality of Livestreaming. He also emphasized the importance of applying cloud technology in providing Livestreaming services to meet the increasing demands of users.

Hội thảo “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants”
The speakers entered the panel discussion session.

During the panel discussion, the experts received numerous interactive questions from the attendees. They expressed concerns and internal challenges within their businesses to the speakers. In response, the speakers enthusiastically provided valuable advice from various perspectives to the participants.

Here are some images from the workshop:

Hội thảo “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants”
Associate Professor Phan Quang Tuan – Representative of HKU in Vietnam.
Hội thảo “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants”
Dr. Huan Tran – CTO SonKim Group; President CIO Vietnam.
Hội thảo “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants”
Ms. An Ha – Co-founder and Director of Operations of IBP.
Hội thảo “Data-informed Digital Strategies: Lessons from Global Tech Giants”
he speakers took a group photo with the representative of HKU in Vietnam as a souvenir.